East Asian Medicine - Welcome Professor Shi Zaixiang 史載祥

Dao (The Way)

"To embody the totality of the Way … is the way of the scholar. To use an aspect of the Way so that the world may escape the horrors of disease and wasteful early death … is the way of the physician."

Wu Cheng 吳城, 13th century Chinese philosopher

Welcome to the home page of Volker Scheid. I am a scholar-physician in the East Asian medical tradition. This site traces the various dimensions of my engagement with East Asian medicines as a clinician, researcher, and teacher.

In the clinical practice section you can find a brief introduction to my career as physician, an outline of my style of medical practice, and of the influences that have shaped it. The pages on acupuncture and herbal medicine provide introductions to these therapies and what they are able to accomplish. Under conditions treated and patient stories you can find some concrete examples of how East Asian medicine works in clinical practice.

The research section introduces you to my career as a scholar and researcher. This spans ethnographic and historical investigations into the nature of Chinese medicine as a living tradition, as well as clinically oriented research seeking to integrate TCM, Kampo and other East Asian medicines into contemporary health care.

In the teaching section you find information on my personal contribution to the ongoing transmission and development of East Asian medicine at the University of Westminster and the European Institute of Oriental Medicine (EIOM). A regularly updated teaching schedule provides information about courses, seminars, forthcoming talks, and other events.

The section on publications & links introduces you to books I have published and allows you to download a selection of published articles and essays as well as my cv.

If you are interested in treatment at my practice in Waterloo (London) or any other aspect of my work you are welcome to contact me here.

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